This week we discuss:
What we’ve been playing
Xbox One outsold PS4 in December
Halo Master Chief Collection announcement coming
The Initiative hires another Senior Designer from a big franchise
Far Cry New Dawn has RPG elements
Anthem VIP demo issues
Fallout 76 Correction
Fallout 76 Survival Mode
New Backwards Compatible Games
and more…

This week we discuss:
EA canceling another Star Wars game
Ubisoft canceling “Pioneer”
Present Day Assassin’s Creed
Fallout 76 Item Duping
Fallout 76 Pacifist Mode
Crackdown 3 Multiplayer Caused Delays
Anthem Matchmaking & Lack of PVP
The Division 2 Dark Zone
The Division 2 Private Bete
Forza Horizon 4 adds Mitsubishi for Free
Forza Horizon 4 pulls 2 emotes out of the game
Rocket League Cross-Play
IO Interactive Opens 2nd Studio
Game Pass Additions
Backward Compatibility Additions
and more…

This week:
Interview with Maka91
Bungie split with Activision
Will the Anthem Demo help or hurt sales
Metro Exodus Photo Mode
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey January Update
Razer hints at future Xbox Mouse & Keyboard games
Borderlands 1 GOTY might be coming to Xbox One
Remaster Pricing
Telltale’s The Walking Dead The Final Season
New Games Pass Games
More Backwards Compatible Titles
and more…

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