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Multiform: An Xbox Podcast

Jul 2019

Wolfenstein Youngblood - Multiform Ep. 51

This week we give our thoughts on Ghost Recon Wildlands Mercenaries and new release Wolfenstein Youngblood. A preview of what’s new in Madden 20 before its release next week. News from Quakecon Year of Doom, Cuphead is coming to Tesla cars in August, Xbox financial health and performance, the next Xbox update is changing the home screen UI and removing Cortana, Mixer is making changes to help keep communities friendly and support streamers including enabling monetization for all, Rainbow Six Quarantine narrows down its release date window, inXile has an unannounced Multiplayer VR title in the works, The Initiative hired more level designers from God of War, a custom controller for Gears 5 has leaked.

Jul 2019

Gears 5 Tech Test - Multiform Ep. 50

This week Fate of Atlantis finally wrapped up in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and we got to play the Gears 5 Tech Test including Arcade Versus, Escalation and Tour of Duty. Plus we discuss a few details of Marvel’s Avengers that trickled out of SDCC. Ghost Recon Wildlands got a big update with a robust new mode ahead of its sequel releasing this fall. GameStop is experimenting with new store designs. The Xbox Super Game Sale is here with deals on games, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and the Hyperkin Duke. Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 might finally be coming to Xbox. Tropico 6 and Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD are coming to Xbox. DragonBall Z Kakarot has more playable characters. Game Pass updates for the 2nd half of July announced.

Jul 2019

Gods Monsters and Gunfights - Multiform Ep. 49

This week Treyarch revealed a new mode for Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer, some details have been revealed about Ubisoft’s Gods & Monsters, Ubisoft is clamping down on misuse of Story Creator Mode for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Amazon Game Studios is working on a Lord of the Rings Free to Play MMO, Division 2’s first expansion is coming soon and adding raid matchmaking, Xbox Germany mistakenly said Final Fantasy 7 remake was coming to Xbox, the July Xbox System Update is out now, Psychonauts 2 delayed to 2020, Marvel’s Avengers gameplay reveal coming at SDCC, Gears 5 ditches smoking, Cuphead is coming to Netflix and Xbox accounts now recycle after 2 years of inactivity.

Jul 2019

The Future of Alan Wake - Multiform Ep. 48

This week in the news we discuss Remedy acquiring the publishing rights to Alan Wake, Potential Sony studio acquisition, Gears 5 tech test details announced, Netflix The Witcher first images, Halo Reach PC insider test was leaked, CD Projekt Red has 3 teams working on Cyberpunk 2077, Losing Progress in Games, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is adding reload while aiming, July additions and subtractions to Game Pass and Xbox Lockhart may live after all.